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EdipsoSpa - Natural Spa Products

EdipsoSpa is a completely new range of Natural Spa Products developed with completely natural ingredients and attributes from the famous spa city of Edipsos, on the beautiful Greek island of Evia.

Spa Products Greece EdipsoSpa Natural Spa Products Years of research and development had led the release of this unique range of beauty and spa products. The EdipsoSpa range includes Face, Body, Hair, Nail and other spa products, each of which offers the natural healing properties and attributes that are found in the spa waters of Edipsos.

Edipsos and the unique spa waters that are located here have been known about for thousands of years, and the spas here are reknowned for their excellent natural elements and healing properties.

On this website, you will find information about our range of Natural Spa Products, as well as about the spas of Edipsos, the history of the area, and other useful information.